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New news :).

This was done at 14 September 2010:

#Er :) ... correcting bug? #Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns ... by either the forum:   http:gambaslinux.forumactif.net   or by the mailing list or gambas gambas-gb-user

This was done in May 9, 2010:

#Now we can choose the site to remember the connected state (automatic reconnection) #New functions for user administration (but nothing visible to you) #Spelling corrections, refinements of the message boxthe message box

Last Sources:
08-13-2011 RedShift by Prokopy
08-12-2011 Tracé de Fonction by TME
08-09-2011 Mise à jour Gambas3 SVN by TME
02-19-2011 navigateur Web by TME
01-20-2011 CmdProcessStresseur by linuxos
01-20-2011 CmdShell by linuxos
11-11-2010 Demo Dessin Contrôlé dans un DrawingArea by Prokopy
10-23-2010 Démonstration de l'utilisation d'objet virtuel dans un unique caneva (drawing area) by gambix
10-11-2010 pong GB2 by TME

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